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Cake Pricing

How we price cakes:

Cakes allow for a wide range of customization! All cakes start with a standard price. Our cake prices are based on size, materials, items added, and level of detail. We offer multiple different sizes that vary in price depending on how many people will be at the event. We can help you choose the perfect size.


There are many options for designs and some are easier to accomplish than others. Every cake is different. Themes are often important when choosing a cake. We can accommodate a wide range of colors whether or not you have a specific color or set of colors in mind. If you do not have colors in mind, we can help you choose which colors are best for your event/theme.


Flavor choices are up to the customer and depending on the ingredients needed, (fresh fruit, premium chocolate, lemon, etc.) prices will vary. Simple flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, and birthday cake are standard and will not cost as much as special flavors. Special flavors include strawberry, Oreo, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, and other by-request flavors. 


We currently do not work much with fondant, so any cake that requires 3D props will likely cost more than a standard cake. 3D props can be supplied to us by the customer free of charge or we can get the props ourselves, which would add cost. To see cakes with 3D props, see the Trolls, Frozen, and golf themed cakes in our cake gallery


Building a custom cake should be fun, exciting, and meaningful. Cake should taste as good as it looks! We would love to work with you to make your event special. If you would like to place an order, please fill out our order form.

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